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Title: Technologies
Pairing: Seb/Pierre
Rating: PG-13
Chapter: IX
Summary: Technology can screw us over.

So, I barely discovered this community. I LOVE PIE/SEB! haha. There's not much going on around here, so I decided to X-Post my fic on here from slash_theplan. Hope you guys like it. Although I'm pretty sure it's the same people from slash_theplan haha. Oh well.

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Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 7
Chapter 8

kellyluvsu05: oh nononono seb
kellyluvsu05: you’ve got to stop
SebLef86: I know, I know.
SebLef86: What should I do, Kelly?
SebLef86: I just wanted to test the boundaries between me and David.
SebLef86: I wasn’t expecting it to go this far!
kellyluvsu05: well, you shouldn’t have started in the first place.
kellyluvsu05: and you should have told me that it was HIM (and not pierre) that had your number
SebLef86: Sorry, I kind of forgot.
kellyluvsu05: mhm, yeah. whatever.
SebLef86: You’re not helping, Kelly!
kellyluvsu05: well, what say do I have on this?
kellyluvus05: I mean, you already invited him
kellyluvsu05: u just cant UN-invite the guy
SebLef86: Not just that.
SebLef86: The whole thing in general.
kellyluvsu05: all I gotta say is that, you’ve fucked things up with pierre baby boo already, and the more you do and keep this from him, the more you’ll make it complicated.
kellyluvsu05: you gotta choose, seb.
SebLef86: I want nothing to do with David.
SebLef86: I want Pierre!
kellyluvsu05: well I cant assure you that youll end up with pierre
kellyluvsu05: I mean, you cheated on him
SebLef86: I know!
SebLef86: It’s hard enough that I have to go through this. >:[
kellyluvsu05: sorry. don’t need to yell though
kellyluvsu05: you’ll have to tell pierre, seb
kellyluvsu05: soon.
SebLef86: I don’t know, Kelly.
SebLef86: I don’t think I can.
kellyluvus05: do you want pierre or not?!
SebLef86: I do!
kellyluvsu05: so just do it.
kellyluvsu05: get this thing with david over with tonight
kellyluvsu05: then go to pierre and tell him everything
kellyluvsu05: you nasty.
SebLef86: Okay, I promise.
SebLef86: I’ll do it tonight.


Seb pulled up David’s driveway for the very first time. He thought about how to finish things off with David. Seb knew that David was very open about being the ‘other man’, so he found no problems on how David will take it. They weren’t even going out, they were just simply fooling around. He reached for his cell phone and dialed David’s number. It took him six rings to finally answer and when he did, all he said was ‘I’ll be out.’and hung up. ’Okay, that was weird.’ It all seemed so strange to him; long rings, a millisecond of latency, and just the overall weird mood of the four second phone call. The long wait gave Seb time to, yet again, over think things. He was ‘trustworthy’ enough to know where David lived. But then again, he could have just given him a totally random address. ’Oh my god, what if he doesn’t even live here?!' He began to panic only to subside once he saw David walk out of the door. Finally. David was quick to jump in Seb’s car and told him that they should get going quick.

“What’s wrong?” Seb asked as he pulled out David’s driveway.

“Oh, nothing.” David smiled. Seb could tell he was trying to cover things up, but he just let this one go in fear of ruining a good night ahead of them.

Their drive to the venue was painstakingly quiet. Seb started to regret the whole idea. You know, inviting David and going to the show behind Pierre’s back. He glanced over to David who looked out the window. Clearly, the boy was thinking about something. Seb didn’t dare ask, so he let his imagination run wild - while on the freeway!

’He probably doesn’t even want to be here.

Oh, please - Seb.

Look at him! He’s bored as fuck!

He’s not bored - he’s just contemplating on whether or not he’d do you upside down or sideways.

Oh, yes. I’m really looking forward to that.

Don’t be sarcastic, bitch. Focus more on the ro. . .

“Whoa! Watch out, Seb!” David squealed and Seb swerved off the lane that he was drifting on to. A series of honks and hollers pursued. His chest went stiff from the initial reaction and he could feel his heart beat faster than their car’s own speed. ’I need a shrink, like, now.’

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” David scolded harshly. He, too, had a horrified look on his face, but at the same time, you could see a very unsure angriness in his eyes.

“I - I’m sorry.” Seb stuttered as he tried to regain his concentration on the road. “J-Just don’t that again, okay? You scared me.” David professed comfortingly as he clutched Seb’s shoulder. They exchanged weak smiles and returned to their quiet state that they were in until they reached the site of Chuck’s show.

“We’re here.” Seb announced and David took his seat belt off and got out the car before Seb could even turn his engine off. ’Okay, something’s definitely wrong.’

“We’ll have fun, don’t worry.” He reassured David.

“I’ll try, I guess.” He shrugged in response.

“What’s wrong?”

And it was as if Seb has spewed acid all over him. David mumbled a “I can’t do this anymore.” and took off. 'WTF?' Seb’s legs couldn’t run after David for his confusion had himself fused to the ground. It was as if his mind would not let him do any further actions before he deciphered things. He wasn’t really thinking, he mostly just stared into space and watched David disappear from his sight. It wasn’t ‘till minutes later when he realized that David had taken off. ’What the hell was that all about?’ He tried running after him, but it was too late. David was long gone and was probably on a bus by now. He began to search for reasons why David would just leave on about just like that. He knew something was up ever since David answered his phone call earlier that afternoon. But what was it?


From: Pie <3
at: 9:43 P.M.

Hey, can I come over right now? I just got home from dinner.

Seb undoubtedly replied ‘Yes’ to his boyfriend’s text message. He had just arrived back home from Chuck’s show. Surprisingly, he enjoyed his good friend’s set, but it could have been better to have someone’s company.

New Text Message!

From: Pie <3
at 9:50 P.M.

Okay, I’m on my way. <3

He tried not think about David and focused more on how to break the bad news to Pierre. So much shit is going on Seb’s head right now, that if somebody took a picture of his brain, it would have probably looked a little bit something like a black market. Faithfulness evaded, trust exchanged for lust, all accomplished stealthfully. By now, he stopped questioning himself about how he managed to stir so much trouble in the past few days and somehow get away with it. Well, not for long at least, ‘cause he’d soon be busted. He paced back and forth his room rehearsing his lines and gestures and tried to better himself to interpret his confession in a less-of-an-impact manner. He knew it would hurt the hell out of Pierre, but he didn’t want to hurt him even more by just attacking him with “I cheated on you! I’m sorry and let’s have make-up sex!” No, no. Not in that way, so he thought even harder. ’Okay, if Pierre cheated on you, how would you want him to deliver his secret?’ Seb knew he didn’t want to tell him through instant or text messaging because that will only give him time to build up his anger without Seb’s presence and all. If he wrote a letter, it would be somewhat sentimental. If only it wasn’t about breaking up though. Perhaps if he told Pierre over the phone, it wouldn’t be so bad. It would still be somewhat similar to a in-person statement. That’s it, I should just call him!

“Seb?” Too late. Pierre knocked on his door and slipped his head through the opening.

“Come in, Pierre.” He was so deep in thought that he didn’t even hear Pierre’s car pull up his driveway. He aloofly stepped down from his bed and embraced his boyfriend half-heartedly.

“How have you been?” Pierre sat on the bed and stripped down from his autumn apparel. You could tell that he was really excited to be in Seb's presence again. He couldn't wait to get out of those heavy jackets to hug his boyfriend even tighter.

“I’ve been good.” Seb sat across Pierre, cross-legged, and picked at his nails. Pierre noticed his boyfriend’s unlikely behavior. He was tempted to ask what bothered him, but he refrained.

“Good.” Pierre breathed deeply and scanned the room. He searched for objects that he could use as a topic starter, but found nothing. “So, how was Chuck’s show?”

“Oh, it was good.” Seb’s head was fixed on his nails as he picked on it.

“Good.” Pierre didn’t expect an awkward get-together with Seb. He pictured a nice relaxation while listening to music and maybe an eventual spooning or fooling around. By the looks of things, Pierre’s desired proposition was not anywhere near from the doable. He wondered why Seb looked or felt so concerned.

“What’s wro-“

“I have to-“ They spoke at the same time.

“Sorry, what were you going to say?” Pierre apologized.

“No - you go first.” David hesitated.

“Well, I was going to ask what was wrong. You seem a little off today.”

At first Seb was ready to spill everything out to Pierre, but all organs and senses were restraining his mouth into doing so. He just wasn’t ready yet. He mentally beated himself up for the thousandth time for getting into this mess. “Nothing, I’m just tired that’s all.” Seb finally lied.

“Are you sure?” Pierre asked worriedly, unsure of Seb’s answer.

“Yeah.” Seb smiled and offered Pierre anything to drink. “Nah, I’m good. I’m kind of tired too. You mind if I sleep over?”

“Not at all.” And as if he was waiting for this go-signal, Pierre stripped off his clothes, leaving only his undershirt and boxers on, and jumped under the covers. He fluttered the spot next to him and implied Seb to occupy it. Seb laughed at his boyfriend’s sudden enthusiasm.

“You’re so cute. Let me just brush my teeth, okay?”

“Okay, but hurry up.” Pierre squirmed under the blankets and clapped with excitement. He portrayed a little boy getting new sets of Lego for his birthday. Cute.

Seb walked in his bathroom and closed the door behind him. He wiped that fake smile off his face and observed his own reflection in the mirror. He stared himself down and tried to read his own eyes. He didn’t know him anymore. He contemplated for reasons why he’d been acting the way he has the past few days. It wasn’t the Seb he knew. He knew very well that he had become the person he loathed the most, but he was to weak to accept it. Why had he let temptation get to him? Of all people, he should know the consequences of cheating and what it does to people and their relationship with others. Trust was important to him, so why did he just easily throw it down the drain without no further thinking? He wasn’t sure of things anymore. He wasn’t sure what would happen between Pierre and himself. But what frightened him most is that he wasn’t sure of himself anymore.

He eventually proceeded with brushing his teeth and he did so absentmindedly. He gargled the remaining toothpaste in his mouth and spit it into the sink. He wiped his mouth with a hand towel and reviewed his face. There was a slight evidence that his eyes watered up, but it wasn’t really that visible. He flicked the light switch off and opened the door that lead to his bedroom. He was ready to jump in the bed with Pierre, but he was surprised to see him sitting on the computer. His eyes were glued onto the screen and he wasn’t aware of Seb’s return just yet. Seb studied his face. It wasn’t the same face that Pierre had emitted before Seb left for the bathroom. He saw that Pierre’s legs were trembling - a sign of anxiety. Finally, Seb cleared his throat to acknowledge his presence, but Pierre did not take his sight off the monitor.

“Hey, what you up to?” Seb asked and walked over to kiss his boyfriend. Pierre didn’t even budge, instead he slowly turned to his lover and murmured:

“How do you know David?”
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