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A/N: sorry guys, but I had to put this in Pierre's POV, just so everyone didn't hate him. From some other people I know I gained feedback on how much of a dick Pierre was turning out to be. He's not meant to come across that way and I felt obliged. Also after I wrote this I figured out that the whole thing fitted into his POV and not Seb's. Sorry.

Seb looked terrified when we walked up to him. Jesus I didn't know our interference had impacted him so badly. Only his blue eyes weren't on me, they were on Jeff. Why Jeff? The guy was the only one that hadn't hit him or abused him in any way.

I watched as the younger boy tried to mask his fear. But damn, his eyes held the truth. I couldn't stand it. I wanted so bad to say sorry. To tell him I was sorry for everything I'd ever put him through. He was cute and all.

I listened as my mates cracked jokes about the small group of skatie kids trying to do ollie's and other things. These guys I hung with, they weren't into skating.

Unfortunately, I was.

The bus ride home was quiet. I could hear faint sounds of music. I didn't even have to look to know it was Seb and…what was his name? David? They were always quiet on the bus, always listening to music. I wonder what music he listens to? I wonder if we like the same bands?

I knew one thing though, when I was in Reset he was always at the shows. I think he bought everything we ever brought out. Which wasn't much. His presence had always boosted my confidence. Like today in music class. God, his voice was beautiful. It was manlier sounding then mine. And it had a slight accent when he sung certain words.

I bit my lip and looked out the window. I hoped he came to the party. I'd never invited him to one of them before. Jeff always did, and Seb always turned up. Maybe there was some sort of friendship between the two of them. I swallowed down the lump of jealousy that formed in my throat.

The bus stopped and I watched as one of my mates put a foot out and tried to trip him. He stopped just before it and glared at them. His piercing blue eyes filled with hate. They fakely cowered away from him and he cast a glance at me. In that one look I felt something. A massive amount of pain. I didn't know where it came from though, him or me? There was sorrow and hurt in his eyes. But then he just walked off the bus. His steps were slightly off and hate and guilt swept through me. God, what had I been thinking?

The bus drove off and stopped a couple of blocks later. I grabbed my pack and made my way off. I waved back when the guys yelled 'good-bye'. A sigh escaped my lips. It was still freezing cold. The rain had stopped but winter was most definitely creeping up. The annul twelfth grade snow trip would be on soon. I couldn't wait.

My mum and dad weren't home when I got there. They'd left a note of the front door saying they would be gone for a couple of weeks and the money for camp was in an envelope in their room. Perfect. There would be no questions about the state of the house after the party.

I moved through the house, chucking my pack onto the lounge. As I made my way up into my room, I thought about what I would do today. There were no movies I wanted to see and my mates were all 'busy'. One choice. One I hadn't done for awhile, not since the start of seventh grade. God, I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.

I walked into the walk in wardrobe and grabbed my board. I dusted the faint layer of dust off and checked to make sure everything was still together. This would be ever so interesting.

I glanced out the window a moment to see Seb making his way up the street. He looked really down. Really, really down. I wonder why? I mean, I'm not that stupid to not know I probably have something to do with that, but he does it every day. Those days he actually bothers to go home to his house. He stays somewhere else a lot I guess.

A sharp ring started off somewhere on the bottom floor of the house. Great, I bet it's my parents checking up on me.
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