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Next chappy for LETTERS!


I spent the day staying as far as I could from Pierre. I told David and Keira all about my encounter. I asked Keira not to give him the envelope. But she shrugged and said I was a bit late. He already had it.

That just topped off my day. Every time I saw him after that I thought he was about to figure it out and clobber me. It took me awhile to figure out that I hadn't shaved this morning. Hadn't really bothered.

See the great thing about David's house was, I was almost always over there. I had duplicates of pretty much everything I owned in his room and bathroom.

I looked up when David poked me on the arm. He motioned to where Pierre was walking towards us with a few of his friends. It was study hall time, and usually we were inside the library, but I wasn't in the mood for it today.

I watched quietly as they stopped in front of us. Pierre had his hands behind his back, a sneaky expression on his face. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Hey, Lefebvre. You missing something?"

I frowned. I had no idea…my board! I stared up at him.

"Don't worry I didn't break it. I have some respect my board's you know." He shrugged as he pulled it out from behind his back. "I'll give it back if you agree to one thing."

"Why should I agree to anything you say?"

"You love your board, don't you? Never seen you without it."

Wait, he actually notices those things?

"Any way, I'm having a party this Saturday at my house. I'd like it if you came."


David's voice was quiet, but it was firm.

Pierre looked at him. "Because I'm trying to be nice. Just accept it. God."

He handed my board over to me, I took it off him slowly. I was just waiting for the fists and feet. They didn't come. Instead he reminded me of the party and walked away. Unfortunately one of his mates didn't leave. I looked at him, waiting for whatever he wanted to see to come out. But he didn't say a word, he just looked at me. I knew the message though, it was loud and clear.

I watched as he walked away. My body was numb and my mind wracked itself for some way of getting out of this. I couldn't think of one. I was just going to have to go.

"Dude, what was that about?"

I turned to David. His eyes betrayed his confusion and I shrugged. Somehow I knew he didn't really want to know. He wasn't ready for that yet, our friendship just wasn't strong enough.

A/N: sorry this was one is so short. meh.
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