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okay so i decided to post here. i joined and now i will become duty bound by actually finishing what i started. enjoy. okay so i tried to link my journal. didn't work, mainly because i'm a dumb ass. but please go and read my story...or maybe i'll post the first bit here, yeah i'll do that.
Title: Letters
Pairing: Seb/Pierre
Rating: haven't quite figured that yet
Summary: "What if he's not…inclined this way?"
Disclaimer: I have locked and handcuffed Seb, David and Pierre in my closet. Right now they are suffocating on my skateboard. Okay, I'm a pathological liar…so?


Pierre, poor poor Pierre. The one they all fuss over. The one they all want to know. The one they respect. The one they would die for…or would they?

I would Pierre. I would die for you. I would place the muzzle of a gun to my temple and pull the trigger. I would do it all even if you never give me the time.

You never notice me. You never see me. You look, and your eyes slide right through me. Like I'm empty space in your way.

I cannot be one of your chums, the jocks that follow your every move. You're so popular. But what have you got I don't? You have acceptance. I have nothing. But a sole friend. And one that you stole from my side.

And now what will you do? You broke me already. What comes next? Will you put a contract out on my head? Will you have the guts to do it yourself?

I am nothing more then the empty space to you. Nothing more then another skatie trying to be cool. Trying to be in your group. Well now see what I have. I have one more friend. And you can't take him under your wing. You already pushed him away. Emo's and skatie's have always stuck together. And this time is no different.

But why did I bother in picking up this pen and writing this? You may never know who I am, but I know you. I see you. I watch you. I love you.

Seb looked into the brown eyes of his sole friend. The only thing he had left. "Are you sure writing something like this will work?"

"Well…" David smiled softly. "If he's a smart jock he'll figure it out. If not, then I'll think of another way. Pass it here."

Hesitantly the blue eyed boy handed over the paper. He had in a way spilt something of him into that ink. He watched as David grabbed a bottle of after-shave from his desk. He frowned slightly as the older boy dabbed some onto the paper. The smell wafting over to him.

"What's that for?"

"Well, for him to figure this out he needs a clue. And you wear this a lot don't you?"

"I shave don't I?"

"See. If he even bothers to read this, he'll smell it. And if he passes by you, he'll connect the two."

Seb's eyes suddenly lowered to the floor of his room. His fingers played with the frayed edge of his shorts. A thought flew into his mind and he shivered. He looked up again into the comforting honey eyes of his friend.

"What if he's not…inclined this way?"

David sighed and jumped onto a beanbag next to Seb. "Look, I know that this is hard to believe, but most jocks really are gay. It's not uncommon. Just take my advice. Act it cool if he stares at you after reading the letter. He might be inclined, but his mates might find it funny."

"Great. I bet Chuck would get a kick out of this."

They laughed and looked down at the note pad on the floor. David's perfect scribble covered it, slanting off the lines. Plans, both sane and insane covering the white expanse. Seb grabbed the pad and looked over the notes. He looked at his friend and smiled; his innocent exterior cracking to show his cheeky side.

"Why don't we do this one?"

Brown eyes widened. "Seb, you would do that?"

"Are you saying I'm a chicken?"

David thought for a moment. "Hell yeah. You’re a chicken dude!"

"Alright hand me the paper."

David gave it to him, smiling. He watched as Seb scribbled one last sentence onto the paper and placed it inside the envelope, sealing it with a single lick. A smile spread over the boy's faces. Something told David that this was all gonna be okay.
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