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Pie Loves Sebastien

Nous parlons français!

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Welcome and Bienvenue!

Finally, a community for all of us who simply adore the fact that Sebastien and Pierre can't get enough of each other!


01. If you don't like slash, boys kissing boys, Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre, Canadians, the French language, et cetera, then go away now and leave us alone.

02. Feel free to post any pictures, fictions, stories/encounters here, so long as they stay on topic. (coughPierreandSebcough) Oh, and if it's something "graphic" (I'd prefer you avoid pornography in the community butfeelfreetosendittome) or just really long, then put it behind a LiveJournal cut.

           < lj-cut > Picture and/or text goes here < /lj-cut >
=========END DEMONSTRATION (psst - you have to take out the spaces in the tags for it to work)

03. Please criticize, empathize, sympathize, flame, but don't FIGHT. Senseless bickering drives me insane and not only will you be kicked out but you will be hunted down and hung from a tree so that you can starve to death and the forest animals can pick at your bones.

04. Advertising other communities is a little annoying, but if it's a really good one, feel free to share. (Try to keep it Pierre, Seb and/or Simple Plan-related, though).

05. Use disclaimers, along with proper grammar and spelling! [PLEASE]

Okay, I'm finished being Supreme Ruler of the universe for now. I've got a couple of contest ideas, but we'll need to get enough members first, or it's just no fun.


Your moderator _oneeightseven


Your co-moderator xcupcakecomax

P.S. We don't bite, I promise.