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okay i'm actually going to dedicate this to a few people, okay first of to deadcloverx, whom i love and adore; bridge2thestars because she helped get more knowledge of this story out to people. guys i love you so much. you rule!


It was almost dark when I bothered to go to the Skate Park. I'd stood around in the car park of the hospital just brushing up on some old tricks. Okay, so I was really waiting for David to come out so I could talk to him. I felt so terrible knowing that he would be the one to get Seb to hate me all over again. Selfish huh?

I hung my head as I walked around the huge steel pole that held up one of the floodlights. I looked at the kids jumping and tricking on the half pipe and the smaller ramps. I noticed a familiar hair do and made my way over. If Keira were here then maybe I wouldn't feel so totally out of place. After all she was a cheerleader for the football team.

"Hey K."

Her green eyes narrowed as she noticed me. Why?

"Oh, hey pie. Actually going to give that thing a go, huh?" she pointed at my board. "I didn't think Seb would ever let you touch his, or did you bash it out of him?"


I looked down at the board I was holding onto. It looked worn and was covered with various stickers on the belly. My old board didn't have any of this. Shit. I'd accidentally taken Seb's.

"I didn't realise I'd picked up his. And no, Keira I didn't bash it out of him. He's at the hospital anyway."

She stared at me for a moment. Her friends laughed, saying how I should cut the guilt act that they knew I'd meant whatever I'd done to him. I was a jock after all.

"I'm not a jock." My voice came out strained and I willed that show of weakness away. "And I didn't do anything to him."

"Sure, you didn't. You've been hatin' him since ya found ya stupid popularity streak. We ain't that stupid dude."

"Well, guess what? You are."

I know it was childish of me but I stomped away to sulk in the darkest corner of the park. I couldn't stand being near all these people who stopped and glared at me, like I was here only to hurt them and Seb. Were they all his friends?

I slid down the fence to the cold, hard concrete. My eyes slid closed and I let out the breath I hadn't realized I'd been holding.

These people couldn't all be his friends, I remembered he once wrote a song about having no one. And Chuck had confirmed that he would most definitely feel down and out. So Seb had trouble letting people in, why? When we were younger he had been fine, people gravitated towards him. So why had I gravitated away?

I couldn't answer that question, no one could.

"Hey, Pierre."

The voice was soft and I looked up into Keira's bright eyes. She looked sad. I smiled the best I could and watched as she sat down next to me.

"What happened Pierre? I've never seen you so sad."

"Seb fell over, I swear I didn't push him. I helped him up and he fell over again and hit his head. I swear it K I didn't push him."

She waved a hand at me. "I know all about that. David called me and filled me in. He didn't mention it being your fault though. And don't worry I wouldn't for a moment think that you would genuinely hurt Seb, when your friends aren't around that is."

I winced at her sarcasm. "They're not really my friends."

"What? Oh I'm shocked to hear you say such a dreadful thing!"

I laughed and she flashed a quick smile. "It's true. I have nothing in common with them." I paused for a moment and thought. "Hey, who gave you that letter today?"

She shrugged. "Some kid just walked up and asked if I could give it to you. They looked happy when I said yeah." Another shrug. "Maybe reading it would help you figure all that out."

With that she stood up and walked away. I watched her skate for a while before I actually decided on doing what she'd suggested. I stood and sighed, hopping onto my board and gliding back out of the park. If I read the letter, would I find out something that had been bugging me?

I looked up and found myself suddenly on my street. Jesus, was I that out of it? I remembered pretty much nothing from the ride home, except I was nearly swiped by some red Volkswagen.

I skated past Seb's gate. That thing always made me laugh, until my parents had decided it was a good idea too. They were just so menacing looking.

"Watching out would be a good idea."

I looked up. Up? I was definitely out of it. I was on the damn ground for godsakes and my arse hurts like hell.

"Yeah hi, Bouvier."


"No it's the damn boogey monster. Of course it's me."

"What are you doing here?"

"Nice emphasis on the 'here'. David's in my house at the moment grabbing some stuff for me. Let's go back to our childhood, shall we?"

I blinked. I had no idea what he was on about.

He sighed and frowned a little. "I need somewhere to stay? Remember?"


"Using big syllables now?"

"Fuck off…I just went to the skate park."

This time he blinked. "So what's so good about that. I go there all the time."

"Yeah, well I don't. And all your friends glared at me."

"I have friends there? Since when? No one sent me a notification!"

I laughed and he relaxed a little. He was on edge, I noticed. I'd been too busy wondering why I was on the ground to notice. Speaking of the ground, I think I might just get up now.

He watched quietly as I got up off the ground. He would be staying at my house. I didn't like that idea. Well, a small part of me loved the thought of it. the rest? Well let's just say that's the part of me that cares who I'm associated with.

"Why do you have to stay at my house? What's wrong with David's or Chuck's?"

he stared at me. "one, you said it was okay; two, David's mum will call mine and I really don't want another lecture, remember I said that in hospital too; and finally three, the one who of all people should already be aware of. Chuck is no longer a friend, you stole him."

The amount of anger and pain in his voice shocked me. I had never realised that Chuck and he were that close…
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