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I'll never forget the walk to David's. It was like holding complete dead weight in my arms. Nothing more then weight. Seb didn't move or speak hell I was scared he wasn't breathing! And the look David gave me… I guess I deserve it though. I mean, I did hurt Seb today, when I really shouldn't have.

Sitting in the hospital is a whole different story. All I can do is stare at the white wash wall in front of me and wish I was at home, hearing the laughter coming from Seb's room as he watches some 'Don't Do This At Home' show.

I can't even look at the guy sitting next to me. I can't bear the pained look in his eyes as he looks hopefully each time someone comes in or out of the room. But they never even look at us. They just rush around like we're ghosts…maybe Seb has become one and they're trying to find him again?

I shake my head. Bouvier, you idiot. Ghosts aren't real.

"Why did you do it?"

I jump when he speaks. Since the moment he opened his door to now, he hasn't spoken to me.

"I didn't do anything. He came off his board, I helped him up, he went to grab his board, he fell on his head, I picked him up. That's all I did, I swear David."

I held my hands out in a pathetic way. God, I felt pathetic. His eyes were cold and pained and I couldn't stand looking at them. I switched my eyes to the door as a doctor came out. Finally. I was sick of seeing nurses.

"Are you two here for…" he looked down at his clipboard.

"Sebastien Lefebvre."

My voice was a lot quieter then I would have liked and it quivered.

He nodded. "Mr Lefebvre sustained some minor head injuries and his back muscles are badly bruised. I'm afraid he'll have some trouble getting around for a little while. You'll have to help with simple things, like getting dressed for a the time being."

"Can we go in?"

The doctor switched his kind gaze to David as the young boy stood up. I followed suit. The doctor nodded and opened the door for us. I was a little scared to go in; if he was hooked up to machines then I don't think I could stand myself. But when I poked my head in after David, I was glad I did. Seb was just lying on the crisply white sheets with a blanket over his legs. He looked like he was still kinda out of it, but a small smile was on his lips. That made me feel a little better.

"Dave I'm fine. Dude, really I swear."

David frowned and continued his motherly like check up asking about a thousand questions.

"Dude, just let him rest."

He looked up, his brown eyes narrowed on me. His mouth opened and then closed as Seb's hand closed over his.

"David, seriously, I'm fine. Really."

"Do you want a drink?"

Seb looked at him exasperatedly and then frowned. "That might do me some good."

"Okay back soon."

The small boy walked past giving me the filthiest look I've ever gotten. The door closed quietly after him. I walked over to the seat beside the bed, sitting down and quietly watching Seb as he struggled to move. He sighed and gave up, letting himself slide back down the bed. I have no idea what he was trying to achieve but it seemed pretty stupid.

"Thanks man."

"For what Seb?"

"For getting me here. I don't even remember how you did."

"I asked for David's address, do you remember that?"

He thought for a moment and nodded. "Yeah vaguely. But thanks anyway."

"I made you fall, so it's the lest I could do."

His blue eyes fell on me. They were so clear and sure looking, I knew that look, at least I used to. "I'm gonna need to stay somewhere other then David's."


"Because my folks are gone and David's mum will call them. I'm just not in the mood for another lecture on how dangerous my board is."

"What like the one we both got in year six when we broke our arms?"

He laughed, a sharp clear ringing sound. "Sebastien that board is nothing but trouble for you. I want you to get rid of it. And turn that infernal music down!"

I laughed along with him. "My folks were so much worse. My dad said I was sleeping with the dogs for the next three nights cos I was stupid enough to think a piece of wood was fun!"

"Dude, your dog house is huge. Was it fun?"

"Hell yeah, it was warmer in there then in my own room. Minus the posters and music and phone and computer and Internet and my really cosy bed…but it was good."

We laughed together. This was something I hadn't done for a long time. I had barely spoken much to Seb since the start of high school. I missed the reminiscing over the idiotic things we used to do. I missed just sitting with him.

He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. "Last time I was here I was on my stomach."

His voice was so quiet I don't think he realized he actually spoke. "What do you mean?"

"Huh?" his eyes went wide. "Oh crap. Um…nothing."

"Seb, come on man, tell me wha-"

"He doesn't need to tell you anything. Get out Pierre. You have no right here."

David stood holding a glass of water with a straw in one hand and the door open with the other. His eyes were cold and his voice harsh. I didn't want to leave, but I knew I had to. David was right, I had no right here. I was responsible for how bad Seb's back was. I sighed and stood, making my way slowly to the door. I stopped just before it and turned back to Seb. His blue eyes were sad.

"See you later Seb. You can stay at my house if you got nowhere else." I waited until he smiled softly and nodded. "Bye David."

"Fuck off."


I walked out the door, wincing when it slammed into my heel. God, I was just being nice and this is what I get? No matter what I do guys like them are always hostile towards me. But Seb hadn't been very hostile since I walked in there. The look in his eyes when I'd asked him what he meant made me want to hold him in my arms and rock all his pains away. If I found out someone was hurting him, I swear to god they'd literally need a facial reconstruction.

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