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As I walked up the street I could feel a pair of eyes on me. I looked up to see the curtains in Pierre's house close. Damn him. He did this every afternoon.

I sighed and pulled my security card out of my pocket, swiping it in front of a black box near the gate. My parents have always been paranoid about the state of the community, they reckon someone wants to kidnap me. Yeah, right.

The gate slowly slid open and I walked in, swiping the card again and watching as the black gates slid back into place. How totally neurotic. The driveway was actually pretty long when you had to walk it. If you were in a car it was okay. I stared at the house as I walked up. It seemed emptier then usual. Hmm. Maybe my folks were away? Thank god if they were.

I stopped in front of the door and stared. Thank my lucky stars. They were actually gone!

Dear Sebastien,
Your father and I are going on a business trip with the Bouvier's. The two companies are merging together soon. Go and stay at one of your friend's houses. Although, dear I would rather you stay with the Bouvier's. That way we know we can contact you. But it's up to you dear.
Mother and father.

Nice huh?

A smile broke out across my face. This was so fucken cool! My parents rarely ever went on trips you see? So this was like a godsend. But why the Bouvier's? What on earth did my mum think? That Pierre and me could actually get along after all this time? Yeah, right, and the world will end if he doesn't fuck me!

Well stuff whatever she thought. I was staying at David's. Damn, that meant I had to walk the whole way. I doubted I could manage to skate there, it was hard enough lugging this pack around as it was.

I sighed and moved on up the stairs. I swear, I have never taken so long to get up those things, well not since my drunken incident. Let's leave that to the thoughts of you, huh?

I threw my pack onto the floor, watching as it skidded across polished wood. I winced when I noticed the fresh scratches. Well, I could always call Betty to fix it up before my parents got back. No harm in keeping my hatred of the damn house from them now was there?

I kept a loose hold on my board and considered sliding down the staircase on it. Then again the bumps would kill me. Not just because it would throw me off and down onto the landing, but because, well frankly, it would just kill.

Shrugging I simply made my way slowly back down the stairs, frowning when I noticed there was none of the usual rock music blasting from Pierre's house. Maybe he was feeling bad about today. Wait. Who am I kidding? It's Pierre. Mr-I'm-so-fucking-fabulous-so-bow-down-to-my-popularity. It's Pierre. Why would he feel bad about slamming someone into the bus window and pummeling all sense out of them?

I shook my head as I walked out the door slamming it behind me. Why does his attitude bother me so much? Sure, there's the whole 'you're in love with him' thing, but there has to be something else, right? Something else that bothers me.

I just couldn't quite comprehend this nagging feeling in the back of my head. Something was telling me not to believe everything you see; that sometimes it's all a lie. Hell, don't I know that. No one really knows who I am. I'd die if they did.

I watched as the black gate slid closed behind me, waiting until I heard the faint beep. As I turned to walk away I could hear another beep, slightly louder though. I knew who and what it was but I still turned around. The moment I did I hopped onto my board and started on my way. Never mind the pain shooting through my body, I was not going anywhere near Pierre, and judging from the old board under his arm he was heading in the same general direction as me.

Great, just tops off my perfect day this does.

"Hey, Seb! Wait up man!"

Seb? How dare he call me that?

I leaned back on my board like I had a thousand times before, only this time the wheels hit something and I flipped. Dude, I flew through the air!

I cried out as I landed on my back. God, pain like this was so not normal. Speaking of god, if he ever really did create mankind he was an idiot. He created pain, obviously. And I hate pain. Especially when it renders me helpless anywhere near Pierre.

"Dude, are you okay?"

I heard a board clatter to the pavement beside me. I knew the voice, I knew the board, and I was not opening my eyes.

I opened my eyes.

Damn, you stupid idiot! You know who he is now, why did you open your eyes!

"Seb, come on man, speak."

His brown eyes were worried and his brow was knitted together. The guy was actually worried over me? How many times had he laughed when I fell off my board? How was this any different?

"Fuck off, Bouvier."

My voice came out softer then I wanted it to but hey, you can only do so much when you're on your back wanting to ball your eyes out in pain.

"Jesus Seb, you fell off your board onto your back, I'm not just going to 'fuck off' and leave you here am I?"

"Wouldn't put it past you."

"Do you want my help or would you rather lie there?"

I watched as he raised his eyebrows. Damn him. He knew I needed help, and he knew I wasn't going to accept his. I sighed inwardly. What choice did I have?

"Fine. Help me up then." His eyes widened. "Pierre you said you would help me so stop staring at me like I'm a green blob you want to dissect!"

"You can dissect green blobs?"

I couldn't help but laugh at that. I winced as he slid an arm under my back and lifted me up in his arms. Oh Jesus, I think I'm going to faint.

"Um, Pierre?"


"Can you put me down now?"

"Oh, yeah."

I watched the streak of embarrassment appear over his cheeks as he set me carefully back down on the ground. This was a Pierre I hadn't seen since we were younger. A Pierre that cared.


He mumbled something but I couldn't hear it. I shrugged that off and leaned down to pick up my board. I was so preoccupied with why he cared at all to register that I was leaning a little too far. I can tell you I registered my head hitting the cement and the groan that shuddered through my body when Pierre picked me back up again. He placed the two boards carefully on top of me and asked me where David lived. I didn't register much more. My mind just kind of blanked out and well, frankly, I was happy. It was safe in that darkness.
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loved it. Can't wait for more.
I want more! lol, its awesome! i loved the green blob part. :):)
oh thank god. i thought that part was stupid and i had no idea why i put it in there, but i was just guessing that Seb was a weird little boy when he was younger. and that Pie loves him for it!
Haha, it was funny =)
Anyway more soon!!
Psst...If you want more people to read this, you might want to post it over at slash_theplan too :D
And, since I'm bored and noticed you haven't friended hott_baguettes, you might want to. It's all about the P/D :D
dude, thanks for reminding me. i was planning on joining them only it slipped my mind.
tried that. but everytime it keeps saying something about they're not accepting anymore. meh.
Maybe one of us could post your fic for you, or a link to it, or something. I dno. lol.
oh dude that would be so cool...i really want to know if my fic really is actually worth reading...i have issues!
lol, i reckon its worth reading =) But yeah, if you want i dont see why i cant post a link for you. i can't do it right now though, cos i'm gunner miss my bus, lol.
seriously? *squels*
oh i hope you didn't miss your bus...*runs in front of bus and waves arms* there you go
oh thank you, if you could do that, i'd love you...no is all serious i would love you!
btw i'm davidseviltwin, so don't get confused. i'm just using my writing journal at the moment. meh.
I posted the prolougue, i dno how to link it to this journal so i just copied and pasted it, so yeah. lol. You can like, check there for comments and yeah.
thank you so much. you rule and i love you!
lol, do you want the rest of it posted in there, or are you just gunner send peoples to it?
O.o That's weird...There's been other posts there lately so I dunno why it would say that...
I just read Chapter 1-5. I love this. When they were little kids...Aww. Well I want to know what happens next. I hope you update soon <3 iheartthisandyou! woohoo! ♥
oh, thank you. people love my fic!
I read Ch6 in your writing journal &stuff...but I can't comment *cries* because I'm not your friend. &I added you last night, but you haven't added me back. Um would you add me? LOL@MYSELF...I'm a retard..don't mind me :)
oh yeah, i added you just then....please don't cry *hands you big tissue filled with SebbyPie tales*
YAY FOR SEBBYPIE ♥ *goes to comment on fictiosn now*