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hey, i'm back! i have a new entry for you all!

Seb's POV

Author's Note: the song in this chapter is Imaginary by Evanescence. I always listen to that song when I get bashed up by the guys in my year. I hope you all like this and it's not too sucky. plus this chapter is going to be in two parts the next bit isn't quite finished yet.

I groaned as the sun's rays hit my face. I turned over onto my stomach and winced in pain. Pushing myself up with my arms, I looked down to see I was laying on some weird looking Zebra toy. Y'know, one of those ones with the bendy legs and shit. But damn. Those things are painful. Sighing I sat back on my heels and looked around. Posters covered the walls and ceiling, various band show tickets framed and hanging over them. I was in David's room.

A voice caught my attention and I looked over to where David was stretched out on his bed. He was mumbling again. God, it was funny.

"Ahah, lived! I tog ouy! Won leef ym htarw, tinmad!"

I laughed and poked him in the side, gaining a high pitched girly scream before his eyes flew open.

"Wha?" he blinked a couple of times. "Oh, Seb. Hi!" his voice was suddenly very chirpy. For what reason I didn't know.

"Yeah, good morning. Audience with the Devil again?"

"Huh?" he looked at me with a puzzled expression. He never did remember anything he said in his sleep.

"Never mind." I plopped down onto one of his many beanbags and frowned. "Do we have to do this today? I mean another day would be great…"

He sighed and looked at me. "Seb, if we don't do it today both of us will lose our nerve. Besides we're not really directly involved. All I have to do is ask Keira to give it to him. Simple."

Keira was one of David's friends. A girl I was beginning to get to know. She was just as psychotic as he was, only difference was she was a cheerleader. I had always seen her at school all dressed up and preppy, but I'd never imagined I'd ever see her at a skatepark, let alone on a board. But, hey, they had become friends so if I could gain one more, I was fine.

David stood up and stretched. Sometime last night we'd fallen asleep, probably while watching Nightmare Before Christmas for the sixth time. I swear, if I didn't love that movie I'd be sick to death of it by now.

"Come on, Seb. Let's have brekky."

God, how can he be so happy in the morning? I shot a glare at him and he laughed, walking past me and out his door. I sighed. I seemed to be doing that a lot today. I stood up and gingerly made my way towards the door. The smell of waffles reached my nose and I smiled. His mum was up early. Breakfast suddenly sounded real good.

I followed David down the stairs and into their kitchen. His mum, Louise, looked up and smiled at us. Her brown eyes crinkled slightly and she gave me a little good morning wave. I smiled back as I took my seat at the bench. And, yes, it was my seat. I even wrote my name underneath it.

"good morning, Sebastien. How'd you sleep tonight."

"really good actually. Except until I rolled onto one of David's zebra things."

She laughed. Louise was the only person I actually liked calling me Sebastien. I hated it when anyone else said it, made me feel all upper class and shit. She moved and placed a large plate of waffles in front of me along with a glass of OJ. My stomach rumbled and I blushed, lowering my head slightly.

"oh go on, Sebastien. You need the food." Her hand patted my light brown hair.

David smirked and picked up his fork as a plate was placed in front of him. He licked his lips and smacked them together. "thanks mum."

"thanks mum." I echoed as I too picked up my fork.

Louise's food has always been delicious. For as long as I've known David, which isn't that long mind you, I've known his mum's cooking. Not even Starbucks' could do waffles this good. I chewed enthusiastically on my food as my mind drifted. My parents knew I was over here, so hopefully they wouldn't be angry. You see, my folks liked me to mix with our own class, the Upper Class. David was most definitely not Upper class. He was more Working Class.

I hated the way they acted each time I was about to leave for school. My mum would fuss over my clothing, saying how I should wear more dressy clothing and that I shouldn't be seen with 'that awful piece of wood'. 'That awful piece of wood' being my most valued personal item, my skateboard.

David began talking to his mum as she busied herself around the kitchen, making lunch for herself and us. Another thing I loved about Louise. She always made me lunch. Even when I wasn't over here, she gave David my lunch. It saved both of us having to line up and get bullied around. Not to mention her food was better then those in the cafeteria. Much, much better.


I looked up. "Hmm?"

"You two need to get going or you'll miss the bus." Louise smiled at me.

"Oh, yeah." I slid off of my seat and followed David back up the stairs into his room.

I grabbed my board and pack from behind his door, ad he rushed around grabbing all his stuff. He walked over to his wardrobe and threw a shirt at me. I caught it and stared at him for a moment.

"You wore that shirt yesterday, remember?" he pulled his red shirt off and slipped a pink Rancid one on.

"Oh." I dropped my stuff and pulled my grey Converse one off and slipped on the one he'd given me. I kept a stash of T-shirts at his house so I could wear normal clothing when we went somewhere. I looked down and smiled. It was one of my Happy Bunny shirts. This one said "angry and crazy…but you love me". I love this shirt.

I looked up again to see that David was finally ready. With our boards under our arms we made our way out the front door yelling our good-byes to Louise as we did. David threw his pack on and jumped on his board. I followed suite and we raced to the bus stop. Laughing as the other fell over after trying to show off.

As we reached the stop the yellow beast was only just coming around the corner, we laughed as another guy struggled to run with a briefcase. Who would bring a briefcase to school? I shook my head and hopped on the bus after David. We made our way to the back seat and plopped down. My hand slipped and my board hit the ground with a loud bang. Everyone turned and stared at me. I shrugged their eyes away and left it on the ground, letting my pack fall onto it. david laughed at me.

The bus ride to school was noisy as usual. The jocks sat in the middle lot of seats throwing paper around at the nerds near the front. They usually left us alone, long as we didn't make much noise. I was happy with that. David and I rarely spoke during the ride anyway, happy to simply listen to our music. I didn't realise I was doing it until David poked me, but I'd been tapping my foot on the tail of my board and It'd been hitting the floor of the bus over and over again.

I looked towards the jocks to see Pierre and his mates walk up the aisle to sit on the empty seats just in front of us. He sat down and stared at my shirt for a moment before laughing.

"who would love a reject like you?" a sneer crossed his face and I could barely stop myself from shooting back.

"who would love an ugly cunt like you?"

my retort seemed to have worked, in a way anyway. He stood, and for a moment I thought I'd leave me alone, he even seemed to think that. But then he turned and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and slammed me backwards into the window. I gasped as pain shot through my spine. But he didn't seem satisfied with just that. His fist connected with my stomach and face.

I heard David cry out and caught a glimpse of Pierre's friends holding him back. I closed my eyes as pierre raised his fist again. No one seemed to have noticed that the bus had stopped. The driver put a hand on Pierre's shoulder and he looked back to see the old man's face red with anger.

"I'll have none of that on my bus young man, or you can walk the rest of the way!"

pierre glanced outside to see it was raining and shrugged, letting go of me and pushing past the driver. I slid back onto the seat. I kept my eyes closed as tightly as I could. The pain wouldn't stop. I was used to getting to the bashings, only it was usually his friends and not Pierre.

David pulled away from the jocks as they let him go and shot over to me, laying a hand on my back. I cried out as pain rushed over my mind. He removed his hand and just sat there. I opened my eyes and blinked angrily at the tears that threatened. I heard their laughter and closed my eyes again. I just wanted to crawl into a hole.

Ten minutes later and the bus pulled up outside the school. It was pouring now. I sighed and painfully pulled my hoodie from my pack. David did the same and slid his on. I winced when I tried to un-zip mine. He took it from me and helped me into it, zipping it up and pulling the hood over my head. He helped me put my pack on and slid the board between it and my back. The support from the board helped ease a bit of the pain. A bit, but it was something.

We made our way slowly into school. Twenty minutes until first class. Twenty minutes of standing in the freezing rain. David waved as Keira made her way over. I kept my head down. I knew exactley what would happen if she saw it.

"yeah Davey, Seb…Seb? Hey man, what's up?" her voice was light and chirpy. Damn morning people.

I shrugged and kept my head down.

"Seb, look at me? Look at me damnit!" I raised my head slowly to look into her green eyes. They widened slightly then narrowed. "who did it this time? I swear none of them will have any ego left, physically for that matter."

I shook my head and lowered it again. David spoke for me, his voice quiet and filled with worry.


Who knew one simple word could hurt so much? Pain swept through me, not just physically either. It felt like my heart was smashing into a thousand pieces. I put my headphones back on and pressed play on my Discman, walking away from David to find some form of shelter. I felt his eyes on me as he spoke to Keira. I could no longer hear what they said, I just let the music fill my mind.

I linger in the doorway
Of alarm clock screaming
Monsters calling my name
Let me stay
Where the wind will whisper to me
Where the raindrops
As they're falling tell a story

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me

Don't say I'm out of touch
With this rampant chaos- your reality
I know what lies beyond my sleeping refuge
The nightmare I built my own world to escape

In my field of paper flowers
And candy clouds of lullaby
I lie inside myself for hours
And watch my purple sky fly over me

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming
Cannot cease for the fear of silent nights
Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming
The goddess of imaginary light

I walked into one of the blocks and eased myself down onto the stairs. Another song filled my ears but I couldn't hear it. my ears were ringing and my mind wracked itself for answers. Why did this seem so familiar? Why did the same thing ring a bell?

I punched the wall as I found the answer. This was almost exactley the same as before. Before David had become my friend. When I still had Chuck.

One of Pierre's friends had always beaten me up, every morning, until suddenly one day he left me alone. I'd waited for thirty minutes out the front for Chuck, but he never came. It wasn't until first class I'd found out why. He sat with the jocks in my english class, laughing along when they tripped a younger boy.

Was David going to do the same thing? Would he leave me on my own?

I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the pain throbbing in my head. I raised a hand and touched my eye. I winced with the pain. It was going to kill later. Scratch that, it was killing now.

I opened my eyes and saw David round the corner with Keira. I turned my music off and pulled the headphones around my neck. David plopped down next to me and sighed. Keira looked down sympathetically.

"Seb, tell me why this is so painful for you?"

I stared at her in disbelief. She had to be kidding? "Are you crazy? The guy whacked me in the gut and head, not to mention putting me against the wall!"

Her silver bangs landed in front of her eyes as she shook her head. "No, no. Why it's painful emotionally. I asked Dave and he said it was up to you. So please, tell me."

I watched her quietly as she kneeled in front of me. Why not? "Fine. Just don't laugh or anything."

"I swear it on my Nan's grave."

Her comment comforted me. Her Nan seemed to mean everything to her. "I love Pierre. I have since eighth grade." I lowered my eyes and fiddled with my sleeve, squeezing the water out.

"dude! That is so sweet!" she squeled and I stared again at her. "I mean, well, y'know, you've loved him for so long…how many years is that?"

she never had been good at maths. "four years." My voice came out a lot louder then I'd expected.

"no wonder it hurts so much. Look, Seb. He'll stop, you'll see."

"you mean he'll walk around squeking for a little while?" david laughed.

"yep, most bloody definetly!"

I laughed and winced as pain sliced through my chest. The bell ran and I held my hands over my ears, glaring up at it. I hadn't even realised I'd sat near it.

"come on," david helped me up. "we got English first."

I know David tried to hide it, but I saw the worry in his eyes and I knew why. With me being in this state how would I handle seeing Chuck hanging around with Pierre? How would I handle being in the same class as all of them? I didn't know. I didn't want to know. I didn't want to see any of them at all.
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